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PRACTICE IN THE STUDIO 7th Nov – 10th July 2021

*** Make sure the payment reaches us a week before Home studies start day, as all info will be sent by post or must be collected in person.

PIERCING Training Courses

We offer a combined cannula, dermal anchor, and surface piercings course that is both more approachable and affordable way to become a body piercer. The course includes piercing techniques and acquisition, equipment, supply, business advice and legitimacy.Students will be given a step by step manual, that will enable them to gradually acquire knowledge in procedures in detail. All students are obliged to gain satisfactory result in theory and practical knowledge to be eligible to receive a professional certificate on completion.This theory and practice combined lessons guarantee a thorough coverage of all piercing aspects. Students will have a full access to all our piercing equipment to simulate a live working studio. Students will be awarded with a pass certificate at the end of the course. All students with a result of 90% or over on both theory and practical test. Students who do not pass, can retake the test free of charge. Inked Moose training academy offers  a lifetime  support with fully qualified tutor who are always ready to help and advise online, by post or by call. Our body piercing course takes 10 days covering intensive piercing all above the waist incl. surface and micro dermal courses in small groups up to 3 people, approved by insurance company. 

Intensive 10 days theory and practical training including home studies:  

  • Studio hygiene, preparation, by-laws.
  • Jewelry-sizing, understanding, placement.
  • Dealing with clients, setting up a business, purchasing stock.
  • During course you will be piercing real people.
  • You will provided notes and a manual.
  • Throughout the course you will be assessed both on practice and theory. 
  • During the course you will be also provided with support and advice on your studio set-up, choice of equipment to buy and suppliers to purchase from.

Day 1 – 4:HOME STUDIES WILL COVER THE FOLLOWING ASPECTS:Introduction to the course. Background of piercingLegislation and licensingHygiene and sanitationDay  5 : (Tuesday)Recap main aspects of Theory home studies. Visual training.Day 6 : (Wednesday)Home studies, preparation for Theory exam.Day 7: (Thursday)Practice how to run a hygiene studio.Preparation of  piercing room, equipment etc.A theory test.Perform simulated body piercings due to practical body piercing preparation. Day 8: (Friday)Simulated piercing performance due to practical body piercing preparation.Day 9: (Saturday)Students spend the whole day piercing our volunteers.Day 10: (Sunday)Students spend the whole day piercing our volunteers. Practical exam Students who successfully complete our course will be provided with a complete list of Suppliers as well as advise on materials and equipment orders. Students will receive discounts provided by particular suppliers.*******Students who successfully complete our course will be awarded with a certificate and receive a reference from Inked Moose training academy.Booking and feesThe full price for the course is £750.00 + VAT (Total: £900). A £200.00 of which is NON REFUNDABLE booking fee which is required to ensure your place on a courses. The remaining £700 must be paid no later than a week before the start of home studies.PLEASE NOTE:ONCE INFO HAS BEEN SENT BY POST NONE OF THE AMOUNT CAN BE REFUNDED.CASH / DEBIT CARD / WE DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARDSBANK TRANSFER:

Inked Moose Ltd

Sort Code: 20-57-44Account No: 23323625Reference: PCG courses start date and 3/5 letters of student surname (ex. Student name is Sue Smithstone, courses starts on 25 September, so reference would be PCG-25Sept-SMI)You can book our piercing courses by calling 01908 411151 or

TATTOO Training Courses

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